Our skin not only serves as the essential protective layer to our internal organs but also contributes significantly to our self-esteem, our social interactions and the way people perceive us visually. The skin gets exposed to diverse external conditions such as environment and weather, chemical and biological products. There happens to be the natural biological progression of age which more often than not reflects adversely on our skin texture and appearance. Apart from aging, there are allergens and other damaging agents which significantly influence the health of our skin. They also happen to negatively impact self-esteem and general quality of life. To our advantage, there are many beneficial nutrients which help to address our daily health challenges and can provide great results. Peptides (short stretches of amino acids) happen to be one such relevant supplement worth considering. They are known for creating a positive impact towards fat metabolism, muscle building, enhancing cognitive power and sexual drive among other benefits. Peptides have also been observed to improve skin health if taken with proper regimen.
There is ample scope to improve health and achieve good skin by following a proper formulation of peptides. The knowledge of the different variants and their efficacy is of prime importance in this regard. The information can definitely help us progress towards our fitness and wellness goals and sustain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves.
We have discussed some of the relevant peptides which help to improve skin health in the following segments.

GHK Cu in Skin Care

The peptide, as the name indicates, contains copper and is also known as the copper peptide. It is useful to reduce imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles which are visible on the skin. The peptide further rejuvenates the skin and improves its natural elasticity and firmness and thus makes one look younger. The peptide also helps to stimulate growth of healthy hair. This produces voluminous locks of hair in women which can be used for different hair styling.
GHK Cu also sharpens vision and helps to maintain good eyesight. However it is recommended to monitor the internal levels of copper when the peptide is consumed. It will help to avoid any excessive copper related complications such as skin irritations. Most of the peptide formulations mention their exact composition as per dosage. This helps to monitor the uptake of copper and keep it under control.

MT 2 & Skin Health

MT2 or Melanotan 2 is a very popular molecule amongst skincare enthusiasts and specialists. People often use the drug as a protective agent against sun tanning instead of collagen mediated revitalization of tanned skin. Use of the molecule helps one to achieve the perfect beach tan without overdoing it or getting a sun burn. Hence MT2 helps to improve the complexion and enhance natural beauty and boosts self-esteem.

We need to be aware of the six different types of skin pigmentation when using MT2 .It works best for lighter skin tones especially those within grade 1-3. Hence people with fair to medium skin tones benefit from using the drug. People with darker skin complexion are advised to use alternate options.

IGF 1 – promote cellular growth & skin health

IGF 1 is also known as Somatomedin C. It is highly effective in reducing skin related concerns, promotes cellular growth, and enhances collagen repair. IGF 1 thus works as an anti-aging drug and gives a natural and almost flawless skin appearance. It further promotes muscle building and helps to maintain our figure in proper shape and hence is recommended to be included in the daily health regimen.

Skin Health Conclusions

Peptides are powerful drugs which can be extremely beneficial for boosting health. They cater to diverse physiological aspects like metabolism, muscle development and repair, sleep pattern, libido, brain function and even our skin health. They help to bring about a natural, glowing complexion and also address skin concerns. However, exercise, healthy lifestyle, proper food and taking care of different aspects of our collective well-being are important for peptides to give us the best possible results.


Disclaimer: The products mentioned are not for human or animal consumption. All the information shared in this article is for educational purposes only.

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