Vialox peptide, also known as Pentapeptide-3V, is developed from snake venom. It has similar effects as Botox, causing muscle paralysis which results in a decreased prevalence of wrinkles and lines.

After 28 days of twice-daily administration, Vialox peptide anti-aging trials show that the peptide reduces wrinkles in approximately 50% of test subjects and skin roughness in about 47% of test subjects.

Vialox Peptide – Medical Benefits and Functions

Vialox peptide prevents muscle contraction by exhibiting a curare-like effect at the neuromuscular junction, disallowing the nervous system signals from reaching the muscles.

Vialox peptide is of primary interest because of its influential ability to communicate between muscles and nerves.

Vialox peptide interferes with nerve and muscle signal transmission. Signals are transmitted in normal conditions after nerves release acetylcholine from their axons. Contraction occurs after acetylcholine transportation through the neuromuscular junction and binds to a receptor on the muscle.

Vialox peptide halts contraction by binding to the AChR. Acetylcholine is prevented from binding due to this action, which causes less binding and fewer muscle contractions.

At the neuromuscular junction, sodium ion release is constrained due to acetylcholine binding to a muscle receptor. Depolarization occurs, which causes electrical pulses to cause wrinkles and muscle contraction. Vialox peptide inhibits this process by binding to AChR. Vialox peptide inhibits acetylcholine binding when it binds to AChR.

Vialox peptide only affects peripheral AChRs and does not affect central neuronal receptors. Unlike the other nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists. This process demonstrates that Vialox peptide only acts on the neuromuscular junction, making it valuable to cosmetic companies and useful in spastic conditions such as migraine headaches, tension headaches, facial spasms, and so on.

Vialox peptide also inhibits the contraction of muscles responsible for facial expression, forcing them to relax. Consequently, crow’s feet around the eyes and expression lines, such as those on the brow, are forced to rest.

Overall, Vialox peptide activity reduces acetylcholine binding and the frequency and intensity of muscular contractions.

Vialox peptide can reduce average skin roughness by 11% and relief by 8%. Since wrinkle size and ease are inversely proportional, Vialox can reduce wrinkles by an average of 8%. Approximately 60% and 47% of the animal subjects were studied.

The most abundant protein in skin collagen is Valox (Pentapeptide-3V), composed of lysine, threonine, and serine. It stimulates collagen production while tightening the skin by acting directly on the dermis. Vialox, when combined with other ingredients, can accelerate skin tightening and lifting.

According to studies conducted by medical specialists in the Department of Dermatology, anti-aging medications like Vitamin A show that Vialox peptide can increase collagen growth, improving skin compaction. Vialox peptide stimulates the skin’s ability to produce collagen, which slows the aging process and reduces wrinkling.

Vialox can boost melanin production, a skin pigment that protects the skin from sun damage.

Vialox is sold in the kit format to keep the active ingredient as fresh as possible until the solvent is used to dissolve and activate it for use on the face.

Smooth one or two drops onto the facial area (crow’s feet, forehead, frown lines, nasolabial folds). Results are usually visible within a month. The kit itself is suitable for fourteen days. After a month of twice-daily applications, you can apply the substance once daily to maintain the positive effects.

Water, glycerin, pullulan, gum, carrageenan, phenolic, and paraben preservatives are the inactive ingredients in this product.

The Side Effects of the Vialox Peptide

  • Vialox peptide suppresses acetylcholine synthesis, and this inhibition occurs after long-term use of vialox. The accumulation of nicotinic and muscarinic receptors in the synaptic cleft increases neurotransmission and decreases nicotinic receptors.
  • Vialox can cause skin irritation, such as rashes, itching, and sensitivity.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women and those taking medications should avoid using vialox peptide because it may cause side effects.
  • Agitation, muscular weakness, fasciculations, miosis, hypersalivation, and sweating are all symptoms of these disorders. These are just a few Vialox side effects; a study is under review to discover the rest.


Vialox peptide works well as an acetylcholine antagonist. Vialox peptide is a cosmetic ingredient used to remove and prevent wrinkles, particularly on the forehead and around the eyes. Vialox softens wrinkles caused by facial muscle contraction. It also regulates acetylcholine secretion and aids in neuron excitability reduction.

Despite the substantial advantages of Vialox peptide, it is essential to remember that Vialox is a research chemical or peptide and is not for human consumption or use.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned are not for human or animal consumption. All the information shared in this article is for educational purposes only.

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