With our evolution and changes, the brain also undergoes the same on the basis of different factors like our experiences, the amount of sleep that we get, and the food that we eat. We usually worry about our physical health but not much about mental health, which forces us to understand the importance of nootropics and selank.

What are Nootropics?

The word is derived from Ancient Greece and means ‘turning of the mind’. These are a type of supplement which assist in the enhancement of the cognitive function in a person. Basically, nootropics benefit the people facing learning and memory issues as these substances enhance motivation, creative ideas, and memory.

What is Selank?

It is a type of nootropic, anxiolytic peptide, i.e., it belongs to both the nootropic and the peptide category. Most the people use this compound to inhibit anxiety.

The Institute of Genetics of the Russian Academy of Science developed this compound, which was earlier known by the name TP-7. A combination of a sequence of tuftsin and a stabilizing compound makes Selank.

The tetrapeptide tuftsin is known for its immunostimulatory effects, i.e., it stimulates the immune system by activating several components.

Selank is also known for its antidepressant and antiasthenic properties. Asthenia is a kind of disorder in which the person experiences an overall lack of energy or physical weakness.

Selank vs Semax

There is another compound known as Semax which is similar to Selank and comes from a different hormone in the brain. It has a different working mechanism, i.e., it enhances circulation and helps in preventing liver damage.

How Selank affect your brain?

One of the greatest muscles in our body is our mind. The brain is active even when we sleep. It does not get any holiday or breaks, so taking care of our brain is very essential.

The effectiveness of Selank on regulating the brain-derived neurotrophic factor was tested in rats, where for the duration of 30 weeks, each rat was given 10% ethanol as their only source of fluid. The results of the study demonstrated the effect of Selank on the age-related disturbances formed as a consequence of chronic alcohol intoxication.


One of the most beneficial effects of Selank is against Anxiety, as it can limit the amount of anxiety faced by an individual. In addition to this, since it is also a nootropic, it helps in the enhancement of memory and learning.

Studies are also underway to analyse the effect of Selank in treating brain damage recovery. For now, no side effects are found to be associated with this compound, which makes it a safer option for use over the other alternative substances.

Selank – Bodybuilding Dosage

Selank is usually taken via 2 methods – one is in liquid form through injection into the skin subcutaneously. For this, it is usually available in the form of lyophilized powder to which sterile water or bacteriostatic water needs to be added. The other less common variation is in the form of a nasal spray.

Lyophilized Powder

The compound in this form needs to be reconstituted using sterile or bacteriostatic water. The important point that needs to be kept in mind for this is that the water needs to be added via the side of the vial and not simply sprayed onto the powder. The dosage needs to be kept at 0.1ml per day.

Another important point that needs to be kept in mind is that it has more neurorestorative properties which means that it has the potential to reverse brain degeneration so as to protect the newly regenerated cells.

Nasal Spray

The dosage in the case of nasal spray is simple and straightforward, i.e., one spray per nostril in a day. This dosage is expected to show the best results. So in a month, only about 3 ml of spray would be needed.

Although nasal sprays are not considered to be the most effective ones, still these can be preferred in cases where a person is afraid of needles. However, the lyophilized version shows a better and direct effect.

So to conclude, it is as important to take care of mental health as it is of physical health. So take care of the brain in a better way by using these supplements and thereby enhance the memory.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned are not for human or animal consumption. All the information shared in this article is for educational purposes only.

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