Peptide Research in Muscle Pain Relief

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Research

Muscle pain is the cause of significant health concerns. Those suffering from it are aware of its debilitating effects and how it interferes with their way of life. Hence the focus of the following article is to discuss the cause(s) of muscle ache and various approaches towards its relief.

Muscle Aches Explained

Myalgia is the muscle pain that everyone experiences at some point in their life. For women, the average muscle mass is between 63 % to 73% of their body mass during their lifetime. On the other hand, it is in between 75% to 89% during the life span of men. Such a significant percentage of muscle mass also demands more wear and tear in the process. Muscle pain is thus widespread during the life span of an average human being.

Of course, myalgia is common, but the causes triggering it are diverse. Hence the approaches towards its resolution are also varied and not a single universal approach.

Common Causes of Muscle Pain

In most scenarios, muscle pain is caused by stress, injury, or fatigue. This occurs due to excessive physical activity like exercise, stress, or tension to which a specific or group of muscles can get subjected.

Under situations, the muscle pain can be persistent and rather gets worse with time. This indicates an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed. Hence, we should consult a doctor for medical intervention. The following are a few such situations.


It involves widespread musculoskeletal pain and affects how our brain and spinal cord process painful and non-painful signals. It includes symptoms like mood swings, disturbance of sleep, and loss of memory or fatigue.


It is a metabolic imbalance caused by potassium deficiency in the blood and gets manifested as muscle weakness.


It is characterized by fatigue, fever, joint pain, and rashes and affects joints, skin, brain, heart, blood cells, and lungs.


It is an uncommon inflammatory disease with late-onset between the 40s to 60s and is marked by muscle weakness and skin rashes.


It is another uncommon inflammatory disease triggering muscle weaknesses on both sides of the body. People suffering from polymyositis face difficulties in conducting their daily activities like climbing stairs, lifting objects, getting up from the chair, etc.

Taking Care of Muscle Pain Relief At Home

Muscle ache without any of the underlying clinical conditions can be addressed through home care remedies. Some common practices include reducing activity, which causes muscle strain, intermittent changing of postures, and rest in between strenuous work. Doctors often prescribe pain relieving medicines as well for pain management. Over-the-counter pain relieving medicines such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Advil commonly help to mitigate the discomfort. Muscle pain is sometimes accompanied by localized inflammation, swelling, and heat. Ice compress is the most common practice which helps to localize inflammation and pain.

Other Options for Muscle Pain Relief

Other options include stretching muscles to improve blood circulation until it does not aggravate the pain, proper rest for recovery from a muscle injury, and practicing yoga, which helps correct postures and relaxes stiff muscles. Yoga postures further work towards gentle stretching of muscles and help to address chronic pain. Regular yoga practice also helps to keep future relapse of muscle pain and injury at bay as they strengthen the muscles.

Supplements for Muscle Pain Relief

Injectable peptides like BPC157 or TB500 helps in quick relief. BPC157 enters the body quickly and reduces inflammation, and expedites the healing process.

People suffering from muscle pain and injury can either resort to various methods or remedies. They can seek medical intervention and depend on over-the-counter pain reliever medicines or injectable peptides for rapid control of acute pain. Home-based remedies such as ice compress, change in posture, intermittent rest also works in some cases. Hence, people should choose as per the category of the muscle pain they undergo as the reasons are diverse and demand different means to address them.


Disclaimer: The products mentioned are not for human or animal consumption. All the information shared in this article is for educational purposes only.