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What is the AHK-Cu Peptide?

AHK-Cu is a tripeptide that contains a copper atom linked with iron. It is a short peptide in which the copper atom is attached between the histidine and alanine residues of the alanine-histidine-lysine tripeptide. The copper atom is linked to three nitrogen atoms in this molecule.
It is found in the blood of most mammals. It has been suggested to be significantly valuable in growth regulation, death, and vascular endothelial cells (these are the cells that make the innermost layer of blood vessels). AHK-Cu has been studied extensively in laboratory models and animals because of its potential in hair growth, effects on skin health, collagen synthesis, and hair loss prevention. It appears to regulate various cellular processes primarily by controlling the production of two compounds: Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) and Transforming Growth Factor beta (TGF-B).[1] ccording to the researchers “TGF-beta1 induction of angiogenesis requires a rapid and transient apoptotic effect mediated by VEGF/VEGFR2.” AHK-Cu, by enhancing levels of the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, may activate fibroblasts and endothelial cells. Fibroblasts lead to the production of two complex compounds; elastin and collagen. These two molecules may therefore affect skin texture, tone, and elasticity. Endothelial cells are responsible for the growth and health of blood vessels that supply nutrition to hair follicles and skin cells. The activation of endothelial cells in association with the fibroblasts leads to reduced fine lines and wrinkles and increased  skin elasticity, and improved wound healing. Some laboratory studies done on human skin cells indicate an increase in collagen type 1 production to the extent of as much as 300%. It is quite promising for the future applications of AHK-Cu in anti-aging skin-care products.


AKA: Topical



SEQUENCE: Ala-His-Lys-Cu


AHK-Cu Research

AHK-Cu has been of great interest to researchers due to its potential to promote hair growth and slow down the effects of aging on skin and hair. AHK-Cu primarily exhibits this apparent effect on fibroblasts. These cells function in maintaining and growing the Extracellular Matrix (ECM), which surrounds cells. Fibroblasts secrete various biological substances, such as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF). These factors lead to the formation of new blood vessels. Because of these attributes, AHK-Cu has been studied extensively by cosmeceutical industries to bring them to use in anti-aging formulations.

AHK-Cu and Wrinkles
Copper and its peptide derivates are often used in the formulation of skin creams and sunscreens because of their potential to enhance collagen production. A decline in the skin levels of collagen is the hallmark of the aging process. The body stops producing more collagen with increasing age, and the existing collagen reduces its structural and functional integrity. Collagen affects the skin in several ways, such as providing structure and making more taut. Also, it has an affinity for water, so it hydrates the skin cells and the Extracellular Matrix when it enters the skin.[2] These properties of collagen reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines of the skin. This attribute helps in improving the appearance of sagging skin. Several scientific studies have suggested the positive effects of AHK-Cu in skin conditioning and making it look younger and healthier.

AHK-Cu and Hair Growth/Loss
AHK-Cu appears to control hair loss by two mechanisms. First, it may stimulate the secretion of the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), leading to the growth of blood vessels in the area surrounding the hair follicles. These blood vessels supply nutrition to hair follicles and promote hair growth. A reduction in the supply of these nutrients, on the other hand, will lead to hair loss. Studies have suggested that AHK-Cu may also lead to the formation of new hair follicles by promoting new blood vessels and improving blood supply to existing hair follicles. By stimulating the growth of blood vessels, AHK-Cu would be able to keep hair healthy, strong, and long. The second mechanism by which AHK-Cu may prevent hair loss via down-regulating Transforming Growth Factor beta. This would reduce the effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on hair loss.[3] he scientists concluded that “The present study proposed that AHK-Cu promotes the growth of human hair follicles, and this stimulatory effect may occur due to stimulation of the proliferation and the preclusion of the apoptosis of DPCs.” Dihydrosterone is the hormone primarily responsible for male pattern baldness and progressive hair-thinning in both men and women as they age. Reducing the effect of dihydropteroate can prevent hair loss by protecting the hair follicles from negative stress. By increasing the blood supply to an existing follicle, AHK-Cu may increase and enhance hair thickness and size, leading to stronger hair. Studies also suggest that AHK-Cu may extend the hair growth phase. Generally, the hair growth cycle has 3 phases: Anagen, Telogen, and Catagen phases. Among these, AHK-Cu may both extend and trigger Anagen hair growth phases, lasting 3-5 years. This would prolong the lifespan of hair and reduces hair fall. It is an interesting tripeptide with profound potential in slowing down age-related degenerating changes, specifically in hair and skin. The results observed by laboratory researchers has so far been promising. It is expected that AHK-Cu may be made available as an over-the-counter anti-aging topical treatment. Researchers consider it a virtually side-effect-free product.


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