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What Is Livagen Peptide?

Livagen is a short peptide bioregulator. It is almost related to Epitalon. Its effects are exhibited directly on the lymphocytes of the immune system, liver, and GIT. Its direct functions are not limited—as seen in DNA and gene expression patterns.
The ability of Livagen to activate genes enclosed in the GIT and immune system is a consequence of its anti-aging feature.


Sequence Formula: Lys-Glu-Asp-Ala

Molecular Formula: C18H31N5O9

Molecular Weight: 461.5g/mol

PubChem: CID 87919683

Synonyms: SCHEMBL5967826

Reconstitution: Required

Livagen Research

The Effects of Livagen on Chromatin and the Immune System
In eukaryotes, like humans, the nucleus houses the DNA. Meanwhile, chromatin is a group of DNA and proteins which condense to form chromosomes. This DNA organization pattern helps encapsulate genetic materials for cell division and replication. It helps encapsulate genetic materials so they can fit into cells and control the expression of genes at gross levels.
In the older adults, Livagen research shows that it can activate several genes in the lymphocytes by unpacking chromatin. Subsequently, silent genes are activated in older adults and indirectly activate the ribosomal genes in the control of protein production and increased cell activity.
According to research, Livagen has four distinct effects on lymphocytes, viz;
● It alters gene expression
● It aids decondensation
● It activates ribosomal genes, which in turn activate synthetic processes.
● It aids chromatin unpacking
Scientists believe that long-term administration of Livagen can alter the lymphocytes to be more like that in young persons.
Lymphocytes are vital cells in the human immune system. They both contain T and B cells. B cells act to produce antibodies against foreign bodies. T cells produce cytokines and destroy cancerous cells or infected cells.
The ability of Livagen to renew these cells could result in healthier cells in old age and prevent the body from cancer and infections.

The Roles of Livagen in Aging
The effects of aging are due to changes in DNA organization, including the type of genes expressed and accessed.
Research by Professor Teimuraz Lezhava shows that the degree of chromosomal aberrations increases with age. The condensation of chromatin and the decreased repair processes are examples of a chromosomal oddity. According to his research, Livagen and a handful of peptides, bioregulators can improve the decondensation of DNA, leading to an extended lifespan. These pause dysfunctions may stem with age and are associated with immune dysregulation and reduced protein synthesis.

The Roles of Livagen in the Heart
Lymphocytes are necessary ancillaries in the heart, hinting that the heart could be Livagen-sensitive. Consequent to this, research in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) shows that the dysregulation of the chromatin structure in lymphocytes is pathogenic in HCM and atherosclerosis and may improve long-term outcomes.
Clinical studies show that releasing genes by decondensed chromatin in lymphocytes could reduce the long-term consequences of heart diseases. This reduction is precisely Livagen’s function. Thorough research is ongoing in regards to this.
Alteration of lymphocyte gene expression shows a decrease in inflammation and scars in patients with HCM. Livagen may prevent the development of HCM in patients who are genetically predisposed to it. Following cardiac arrest or injuries. It may introduce an advanced approach to reducing the mortality and morbidity related to heart disease.

The Effect of Livagen on the GIT
Early research posits that activated delta cells may protect the mucosal wall of the GIT. Following this trend, Livagen enhances vagus nerve signaling to the GIT and changes the degree of prostaglandins and nitric oxide in the mucosa. In addition to this, gastroprotection is generated which may be vital in treating infectious diarrhea, allowing for long-term effects of inflammatory bowel disease, and reducing symptoms.
Livagen’s ability to enhance receptor activation by increasing enkephalin levels in the blood gives it recognition as a potent peptide in treating various disorders of the GIT.

The Roles of Livagen on Pain
Enkephalin is a natural peptide that has a dynamic anti-pain killer effect. It binds to delta and mu-opioid receptors. Thus, activated Mu receptors bind to morphine to decrease pain, consciousness, and blood pressure. Activated Delta receptors cause a reduction in the perception of pain and may explain respiratory depressions associated with opiates.
Clinical studies show that Livagen functions to inhibit the actions of enkephalin inhibiting enzymes in the blood, resulting in enhanced levels of natural pain killers. This process establishes the fact that Livagen could be an effective pain treatment. Research is still ongoing to actuate its potency, the side effects of high levels of enkephalin, and if there is an addictive potential associated with it, as seen in other opioids.


Livagen is a promising peptide regulator with the abovementioned effects and benefits. However, research is ongoing to dig deeper into how Livagen can usher humanity into discerning the aging process and senescence.
The dose per kg in mice is not scaled down to be the same in humans. Livagen shows minimal side effects, ranging from low oral to excellent subcutaneous bioavailability.
Livagen is limited to educational and scientific purposes only, not for human consumption.

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