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What is the SNAP-8 peptide?

SNAP-8 is under active research investigation for its potential as an anti-aging peptide, effectively relieving fine lines and facial wrinkles. A synaptosome-associated protein called SNAP-25 is responsible for muscle contraction that leads to the formation of wrinkles.[1] The acetyl hexapeptide-3 mimics its peptide fragment and has an inhibitory effect on the action of SNAP-25. This protein has also been used extensively in various anti-aging formulations. The addition of two other amino acids in this hexapeptide forms acetyl octapeptide, which has promising potential in treating facial wrinkles compared to Acetyl hexapeptide.[2] SNAP-8 competes with SNAP-25 for a position in the SNARE complex. After the attachment of SNAP-8, the SNARE complex appears to be destabilized, causing the neurotransmitters to not be released efficiently from the vesicles. This leads to an attenuation of muscle contraction and prevents the formation of facial wrinkles and lines. The manufacturing of SNAP-8 comprises a final freeze-drying step. Generally, the crystalline powder obtained due to freeze-drying is in the form of a polymorphous compound. It may be present in aggregates and show variation in the crystal size. However, this does not appear to lead to any chemical discrepancy in its composition. Extensive experimental studies have supported the homogeneity of this product. The product is generally available in two forms: SNAP-8 Powder and SNAP-8 Solution. SNAP-8 powder, an octapeptide powder, can easily be dissolved in water. The SNAP-8 Solution is available as an aqueous solution with a composition of 0.5/L of the powder form. This can be incorporated during the final manufacturing stage while maintaining the temperature below 40 degrees centigrade. Researchers have suggested using SNAP-8 with a concentration ranging between 3% – 10% to obtain an apparent anti-wrinkle effect. The usual shelf life of SNAP-8 Powder and SNAP-8 Solution is at least twelve months, provided the product is stored in a clean, cool, and dry place. If the product is intended to be stored longer than a year, the temperature should be maintained at 4 degrees Celsius for both forms. This may extend the shelf life to approximately eighteen months. Refrigeration of the SNAP-8 Solution can rarely lead to its precipitation; however, this doesn’t change the integrity of the product, and the efficacy appears to remain essentially the same.


AKA: Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide-3


MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 1075.16 g/mol

SEQUENCE: Ac-Glu-Glu-Met-Gln-Arg-Arg-Ala-Asp-NH2

PUBCHEM: CID 76283482


SNAP-8 Research

SNAP-8 and Wrinkle Depth
Research studies have suggested that SNAP-8 may exhibit promising results in reducing the depth of wrinkles present on the face due to the contraction of the muscles of facial expression. Some studies have suggested peptide administration may lead to a decrease in depth of wrinkles by as much as 30% with the usage of SNAP-8 for only one month of persistent use.[3] This may lead to a smoother-looking face and younger skin. According to the researchers, “it is also worth to be remarked that in vitro assay highlighted an independent mechanism but synergistic effect between SNAP-8 and Leuphasyl, each one tested independently and resulting with 38% and 7% inhibition, respectively. In the trial, including both of them in equal concentrations (0.75 mM), a total inhibition value of 47% was observed.”

SNAP-8 and Botulinum Toxin
Botulinum toxin has been extensively used as an anti-aging agent and is commonly used to improve facial lines and wrinkles. However, SNAP-8 appears to have a better safety profile as compared to the botulinum toxin. It appears to target the same wrinkle-forming mechanism but in a different way. Botulinum toxin also attacks SNAP-25 and breaks it. This leads to muscle paralysis that inhibits the formation of wrinkles due to muscle contraction.[4] SNAP-8 appears to capture the SNAP-25 protein, thereby destabilizing the SNARE complex. This leads to the inefficient release of neurotransmitters responsible for muscle contraction.[5] According to the researchers the peptide is effective at “preventing neuromuscular signal propagation, thereby eliminating wrinkles caused by over-stimulated neurons.” This state of muscle relaxation provides the basis for its application in the anti-wrinkle strategy. SNAP-8 appears to have:

• Milder formula as compared to botulinum toxin and can be used topically, also may be a more affordable option than botulinum toxin.
• Safety profile appears to be better compared to botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin can lead to severe hypersensitivity and a range of local and systemic side effects. SNAP-8 has not been reported to exhibit these side effects.

SNAP-8 and Skin Moisture
Like all other peptides, SNAP-8 appears to possess a great water-binding capacity.[6] Therefore, it may help the skin retain its moisture and look plump and soft.

SNAP-8 and Anti-oxidation
Reactive oxygen species or free radicals have a major degenerative effect on the skin and a major contributing factor toward age-related damage to the skin. SNAP-8, with its potential anti-oxidative effects, hydrating activity, and anti-wrinkle properties, may provide a reassuring blend in the formulation of an age-defying cosmetic tool.

SNAP-8 and Alternative Cosmetic Formulations
SNAP-8 is used topically and may therefore be incorporated in several cosmetic forms such as gels, sera, emulsions, and creams. This may prove important for its potential in the cosmeceutical industry as an over-the-counter treatment for facial lines and wrinkles. The reduction of the depth of wrinkles and the removal of fine lines make the skin look younger without any invasive cosmetic procedure.


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