AOD 9604 – The Fat Burning Peptide

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Research

sPeptide AOD 9604, an anti-obesity peptide, is also known as the fat-burning peptide, and this peptide has helped many people fight off fat. The peptide was initially made as a cure for obesity, and recently it has become more popular,  considering its natural potential to become a slimming solution.

This peptide helps burn fat and also increases the weight loss metabolism of the body, thereby helping us to get skinny.

The Science Behind Peptide AOD 9604

AOD9604 is a modified form of the Amino Acid 176-191 of the Growth Hormone Polypeptide.
This peptide was made to help people who are trying to lose weight by helping them burn body fat, so it is important to understand the working of this peptide.

Working of Peptide AOD 9604

The peptide is given to the body via injections which helps in stimulating the pituitary gland. This working is somewhat similar to the working of the Growth Hormone; it mimics how natural growth hormones regulate the body’s fat metabolism.
The advantage of this peptide is that it does not exhibit any harmful effects on blood sugar.
The AOD9604 is one of the rare peptides that has received approval from the FDA among the supplements found in the United States.

Potentials of AOD 9604:
– It speeds up the fat-burning process
– Perks up anabolism
– Lessens any catabolic effects

Clinical Researches

The countless researches on AOD 9604 peptides have demonstrated that it helps in reducing the body fat located in the mid-abdominal area of people who are considered overweight, obese, or have average body structures.

The fat-reducing effects of Peptide AOD9604 were found to be evident by the researchers from Monash University. It was initially developed in the 1990s by Frank Ng. The main intention was to find an anti-obesity substance that would help burn the body’s fats, making sure that no muscles would be built up along the process.

According to clinical research, Peptide AOD 9604 has been found to:

– Regulate the body’s metabolism
– Stimulate the body’s natural process of burning fat
– Trigger release of fat from obese fat cells
– Decrease the growth of new fat surrounding the fat cells, which helps the body gain more significant weight loss.
And the best part of all these effects is that the peptide does not harm the appetite or the blood sugar.

Peptide AOD 9604 has also shown beneficial effects in hypercholesterolemia, bone and cartilage repair, and osteoarthritis.

At present, AOD 9604 is known to exhibit an excellent safety profile and recently obtained Human GRAS status in the USA.

The AOD 9604 works perfectly as the human growth hormone (HGH) is known to exhibit fat loss properties. AOD 9604 is a peptide fragment of the C-terminus of hGH, which presents the fat-reducing activity of hGH without exhibiting any harmful effects.

To study the undesired effects connected with hGH treatment that increase insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance, six randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials were performed with AOD 9604. The presence of anti-AOD 9604 antibodies was then checked by analyzing the blood samples. No anti-AOD 9604 antibodies were detected in the patients selected for the study, which showed that the peptide does not affect carbohydrate metabolism, thereby showing that the peptide has safe, sound, and tolerable effects.
To ensure the safety of this peptide, the protocols for taking AOD 9604 must be well understood.

For its content & potency, subcutaneous injectables should only be at 1200mcg/ml, provided in a 5ml vial. The suggested dosage for the injectable is 0.25ml per day when taken for 20 days. But the exact right dosage cycle of the peptide for the body should be decided after consulting a doctor.

Benefits of AOD 9604

In addition to the super impressive potential to burn fat and the advantage of showing no adverse effects on blood sugar or any tissue growth and also no increase in the appetite, AOD 9604 can:
– Increase the burning of body calories
– Trigger fat release while boosting the metabolism
– Help in bone and cartilage repair
The strong fat-burning potential of AOD 9604 does not create any overheating and even stimulates lipolysis in the body.
It also stimulates lipogenesis, i.e., it transforms non-fat food materials into body fat.
Usually, the effects of AOD 9604 are observed after 12 weeks of administration.


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